From the brain, the heart and … the fingers.

Do what you want.

People doing what they love are happier, healthier and making more money. We don’t always teach this. We don’t always tell kids—do what you want. Be what you want. What you love. With passion. Without remorse. Give up expected. [ add buy online url viagra |

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My therapy

I’m doing this all wrong. This is boring. It’s unfiltered. Don’t read it. I am here. This is my therapy.     [ viagra pill | female viagra viagra woman | next day viagra | canadian generic cialis | […]

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Fall in love

Fall in love when you’re ready not when you’re lonely. [ viagra canada generic | viagra sales in canada | generic pack viagra | viagra use | buy gel viagra |

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God Proof

  Video streaming by Ustream [ who sells generic viagra | free sample offers in canada |

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You don’t Tweet ?

Uses for Twitter include shopping list pros and cons wish list including links to product pages library book reminder including links to more info on a calendar etc.* water plant reminder * schedule weekly or as often as you want a notice meeting / birthday / event /occasion reminder * can schedule to repeat occasions […]

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Transparency here.

Truth gets a boost in the arm with this post by author/actor/poet/UCI instructor, Greg McClure. [ womens viagra | cheapest cialis overnight delivery | veega | buy cialis doctor online | cialis dose |

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Cool Stuff

My friend Robert Anasi turned me on to this link … very cool. [ viagra 50 mg | levitra viagra | viagra buy viagra | where can i buy viagra |

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I watched the mine rescue. I’m watching it now, live.

I’m watching them pull 33 men from 2000 feet below the surface of a land far from home. Raw emotion is overwhelming for those present. And for me watching. They are saving lives. One man at a time. The best tv ever. As I type, they are pushing the metal tube back into the earth. […]

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